Lobos Creek Mitigation

Lobos Creek Mitigation


After a sink hole which took down a large embankment in the Presidio neighborhood of San Francisco, the city moved to restore the last native habitat and dune ecosystem surrounding the devastation. The free-flowing stream of Lobos Creek had a steep embankment of sand, which was difficult to work in. The plan specified a massive overplanting of native species indigenous to that area, in order to ensure an adequate survival rate. These plants were not available within the wholesale trade in the volume required. Organizing the palette and placing the plants on the scale of the landscape was no easy task. A method for establishing the plants and keeping them alive and growing had to be devised.


Because the plants were not available within the wholesale market in the quantity needed, the city decided to grow them. A temporary overhead irrigation system was installed to cover the entire acreage. Various colors of flags were placed to denote species location.


San Francisco was able to restore an important creek and preserve unique wildlife habitat for future generations. Lobos Creek recreation area and its trails are home to wildlife and enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. The crew got lots of exercise and became adept at dune climbing! In fact, one member considered it such a great prep, that he entered the San Francisco Marathon.