Korotkin Associates Wins Award for Excellence in Maintenance

Lombard Garden

This property is a courtyard podium landscape, built in 1982, that sits atop a large garage. Essentially, it is one gigantic planter. Management and residents take pride in the garden and consider it an asset to their way of life and wellbeing. Thus, they recognize the importance of scheduling enough time to achieve that result and accomplish the various tasks needed to produce a beautiful healthy environment.

Challenges include a shallow planting depth for roots and problems for water management, as depth ranges from 4″ to 20″ where mounded. There are many large mature trees that have done remarkably well and are the pillars of the landscape, cooling and providing a well oxygenated micro-climate.

When we began our term at Lombard, the landscape was overrun with Thrips. But through hard work and dedication, we quickly got this issue under control. To ensure that disease didn’t become a recurring problem due to poor drainage systems, without introducing chemicals into the environment, we sought out innovative irrigation solutions which provide varying amounts of water depending on individual plants’ needs – while also protecting them from pathogens. Our efforts have paid off – leading us to convince our client to convert their turf area near the pool into an eco-friendly Carex waterwise planting system after its renovation is complete.

Despite its wild inhabitants, this stunning landscape continues to be serviced by an original spray system that we monitor closely. This ensures runoff is avoided and plants get the hydration they need without wasting water – all thanks to a few short cycles!

Since 1981, Korotkin Associates has been at the forefront of advocating for and implementing sustainable landscape practices within the San Francisco Bay Area, with the objective to increase wildlife habitat, plant more trees, reduce heat islands and develop green infrastructure projects, such as rooftop gardens and outdoor living space.