Korotkin Associates Wins Award for Rooftop Garden

Symphony Towers - Rooftop Garden

SAN FRANCISCO, California – in the cramped environment of urban living, rooftop gardens offer more than just a breath of fresh air. According to the Center for Disease Control, spending time outdoors can improve overall health and wellness.

Replete with views, soothing natural habitats and inspirational beauty, outdoor living areas contribute to the reduction of stress, promotion of good vision, strengthened immune system, help with ADD/ADHD, and decreased symptoms of depression.

In recognition of its expertise in the creation of rooftop gardens and outdoor living spaces, Korotkin Associates was the recipient of a special state-wide trophy award from the California Landscape Contractors Association for a rooftop garden at the Symphony Towers in San Francisco. The project included a flowering perennial area to increase wildlife habitat.

Designed, installed, managed and maintained by Korotkin Associates since early 2020, the project successfully realizes its goals to bring residents beyond their dwellings into a shared yet private world to have an outdoor remote work space, find leisure time and comfort, and a secure off leash area for their pets.

Since 1981, Korotkin Associates has been at the forefront of advocating for and implementing sustainable landscape practices within the San Francisco Bay Area, with the objective to increase wildlife habitat, plant more trees, reduce heat islands and develop green infrastructure projects, such as rooftop gardens and outdoor living space.