Quality Products for Green Living

Spending more time at home with immediate family means you have a chance to work together on home projects. One trend emerging from COVID-19 is a renewed interest in lawn care and gardening.

We have collected a carefully-curated selection of products and services for environmentally conscientious consumers.


Upgrade Your Toilet With a Bidet Seat

Add a KOHLER® bidet toilet seat to your toilet and discover how cleansing with water can be a cleaner, more refreshing alternative to toilet paper alone. Our innovative, streamlined designs complement a range of decors and provide customizable, spa-like amenities and bidet functionality such as warm-water cleansing, a heated seat, nightlight and so much more.

Water Quality - Tap Water

SimpleWater Tap Score

Get independent laboratory water testing for hundreds of contaminants from the comfort of home.

Chemicals migrate into water from old pipes, industry, agriculture, and other sources. Many have no taste, color, or smell. Authorities test at some facilities but they don’t know what’s coming out of your tap. Tap Score is the only home water testing service with unbiased treatment matching and health risk analysis – so you don’t waste money on treatment that doesn’t do what you need.

Aquasana Filtration Systems

Aquasana Water Filtration Systems

Award-winning water filtration, expertly engineered to reduce the maximum amount of contaminants.

Whether your water comes from a city or a well, Aquasana filtration systems instantly transform ordinary water into clean, extraordinary water. Their systems remove a maximum level of contaminants with industry-leading results for your peace of mind, no chemicals are added to your water during the filtration process, and 14,000+ satisfied customers have posted five-star reviews.


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