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Butterfly Garden

Home and work environments that promote well-being.

Ambient video is a type of video that puts emphasis on atmosphere over traditional storytelling or news content. Its slow movements create a soothing, pleasant environment through the use of imagery.

Running ambient video on your large-screen, high-definition TV converts a big black box into a work of moving art. Add a custom frame to complement the room’s decor and creates a seamless experience.

Visual Ambrosia

Visual Ambrosia’s thematically calming ambient video enhances any environment with endlessly changing vintage art animations.

Visual Ambrosia offers ambient video programs through streaming services online or on a licensing basis at 4K and HD resolution. This style of art print animation enhances residential and various commercial spaces like hotel lobbies, homes, clinical settings, and transportation venues. Ambient video provides an opportunity to use any television as a welcoming and entertaining decorative tool.

Visual Ambrosia® video installations warm an atmosphere with personality: quietly distinct from standard decorative elements.


Frame My TV

Dress Up Any TV with a custom TV Frame. Turn ambient video into moving art for your home or office.

Choose from hundreds of TV frame styles for the make and model of your TV. From there everything is custom made and ships fully assembled and ready to slip over your TV. Go fully custom or choose one from a style gallery. Once your TV is installed, the frame simply slips over the front. FrameMyTV has help articles and videos to walk you through the easy process.