Advanced Well Water Test


This professional laboratory test, recommended by the US Water Systems Council, is designed to target the most harmful and prevalent contaminants in US groundwater. Safeguard your home from naturally occurring hazards, industrial waste from agriculture, oil & gas, illegal dumping, and other sources.

This package is designed for customers who:

  • Are served by a private or shared well.
  • Have a septic tank near the well or other source of potential bacterial contamination
  • Are concerned about runoff from agricultural activity.
  • Have young children or other vulnerable individuals in their home.
  • Are treating their own well water.
  • Are concerned about contamination from oil and gas operations.


The Only Smart Water Test

Get independent laboratory water testing for hundreds of contaminants from the comfort of home.

Lead, arsenic, nitrates, and hundreds more chemicals migrate into water from industry and agriculture runoff, and other sources. Many have no taste, color, or smell. Tap Score is the only home water testing service with unbiased treatment matching and health risk analysis – so you don’t waste money on treatment that doesn’t do what you need.

Included: free shipping both ways, comprehensive reporting, dedicated support, unbiased treatment recommendations, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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